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Call today for a consultation for all of your office remodeling needs.

We will sit down with you, and others that would like to have their input stated on what the needs and demands are of your office remodel. The cost of the remodel will be determined by the outlay of your needs. It's...

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The layout of this living room is beautiful.

The outdoor lighting coming in from the skylights brightens the indoors. The fireplace enhances the room, along with the arched walls. By adding solid wood trim around the windows, it helps complete the surrounding of the room. The addition of the half wall cabinetry completes this...

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The large double doors to the entry of this home are magnificent.

They open up into a beautiful foyer with tall walls and high windows. The trim around the door, walls, and floors accent this beautiful home. The tile in this home is top notch, and a definite asset that will add to the...

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Another project done by 1718 Build.

This building gives more privacy to each individual room by the frosted glass on the walls and doors. By having a lot of glass within the building, the lighting provides a brighter environment. The reception desk provides an inviting entrance as the metal within the reception desk...